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PSX scales new peak in first week of FY25

In the principal seven-day stretch of the new financial year, notwithstanding fights and discontent among monetary partners in regards to the assessment weighty spending plan for 2024-25, Pakistan's securities exchange

shoaibayan463 shoaibayan463

Soldier Boy Returns! The Boys Season 5 Release Date Confirmed

Karl Urban who portrays Billy Butcher in “The Boys” noted that the forthcoming series shall

shoaibayan463 shoaibayan463

Facebook, WhatsApp Owner Fined $220 Million in Nigeria for Data Privacy Violations

Nigeria has hit Meta, the parent company of Facebook and WhatsApp, with a significant $220

shoaibayan463 shoaibayan463

The Red Handfish: A Walking Wonder with Peculiar Fins and a Fight for Survival

The red handfish if observed is a very small fish that has hand-like fins and

Nabila Nabila

Pro-Russian Hackers Arrested in Spain After Cyberattacks on NATO Countries

Three members of the pro-Russian hackers have been detained in Spain for hacking Spain and

shoaibayan463 shoaibayan463

“Fazl Reveals PTI’s Plan to Dissolve K-P Assembly and Resign for New Elections”

He said that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly's dissolution and resignation from the other assembly is

shoaibayan463 shoaibayan463

Duckett & Pope Ton Partnership Puts England in Control

Ben Duckett and Ollie Pope took England out of a hole on the third day

shoaibayan463 shoaibayan463