Florida angler gets humongous 12-foot tiger shark

A fisherman from Florida got a 12-foot tiger shark off the shore of Jacksonville Ocean side, Fox News detailed.

Owen Earlier and his companions were fishing last end of the week when his companions saw that something had gotten snared on his reel.

Preceding portraying the occurrence, they said that they had been sitting tight at the ocean side for about 12 hours before the shark nibbled his stingray lure.

He said: “I was out cold when it worked out, and my companion’s shouting ‘Owen!’.” He said it required about 25 minutes to bring in the shark.

“Each bit nearer I took, she got greater,” he said. “You seem to be that not that frequently, however they’re out there,” said Earlier.

Since tiger sharks are safeguarded in Florida, he needed to let her go.

Adding, he said: “We weren’t focusing on that shark. It coincidentally ate the trap. It’s a similar trap for each shark. No one can really tell what it will eat,” said Earlier.

“In fact, you’re not permitted to snap a picture with it. I don’t be guaranteed to think twice about it, however that experience and photograph I’ll recollect until the end of time. It’s something I’ll tell my grandkids one day. I certainly became involved with the second a tad.”

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