Govt cuts petroleum cost by Rs15.39/liter

ISLAMABAD: In a significant help for the expansion hit country, the central government supported an enormous cut of Rs15.39 per liter in the petroleum cost for the following fortnight in accordance with the worldwide oil rates. The petroleum cost has been decreased from Rs288.49 to Rs273.10 per liter after the most recent decrease.

Additionally, cost of fast diesel has likewise been sliced by Rs7.88 per liter from Rs281.96 to Rs274.08.

“The Oil and Gas Administrative Power (OGRA) has worked out the buyer costs, in view of the cost varieties in the worldwide market,” an assertion delivered by the Money Division read.

As per an authority warning gave the Money Division on Wednesday, the new fuel costs will be successful from May 16 (Thursday).

The costs of oil based goods have seen a diminishing pattern in the global market during the last fortnight. This is the second help in succession in the ongoing month. From May 1, 2024, the specialists had marked down the engine soul (MS) cost by Rs5.45 per liter to Rs288.49 per liter from Rs293.94 per liter.

Additionally, the diesel cost was likewise diminished by Rs8.42 per liter to Rs281.96 from Rs290.38 per liter from May 1.

Universally, petroleum costs have fallen showing a positive market shift with the public authority and modern sources saying that Pakistan processing plants and oil showcasing organizations trusted that the utilization of oil based goods will build from May 16 due to the most recent decrease in costs and stop in flood of pirated oil based commodities from Iran over the most recent 10 days.

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