Govt reduces petrol price by Rs4.74 per litre

ISLAMABAD: The cost of petroleum has been reduced by Rs4.74 per liter, the Money Division said on Friday, making it the third progressive fortnightly survey drop.

The new petroleum cost remains at Rs268.36 per liter.

Interim, the rapid diesel additionally has been sliced by Rs3.86 per liter to Rs270.22/lit from its past cost of Rs274.08/lit.

“The costs of Oil based goods have seen a diminishing pattern in the worldwide market during the last fortnight, expresses a notice from the money service.

“The Oil and Gas Administrative Power (OGRA) has worked out the purchaser costs, in view of the cost varieties in the global market.”

The new rates, which come as a help for the expansion hit masses, will be relevant from 12am on June 1, a warning from the Money Division read.

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