Nawaz Sharif set to become ‘PML-N president, once more’

LAHORE: After getting an unblemished chit from the courts, the Pakistan Muslim Association Nawaz (PMLN) is once again good to go for electing three-time former head of state Nawaz Sharif as the decisive party chief.

While interacting with writers in Lahore after a meeting of the party’s management, Muslim League (N) Punjab section president Rana Sanaullah on Friday reported that Nawaz Sharif will resume the party’s driving seat.

“In future, Nawaz Sharif will lead the party. Muslim League (N) will move forward under his administration,” the former security dictator said:

Sanaullah further said that PML-N got a clean chit from the courts.

Nawaz resigned as the country’s supreme head of state in 2017 after the High Court barred him from serving in the authority for life after failing to declare the compensation due.

Following his Panama Papers case, the High Court in February 2018 barred Nawaz from becoming the president of the Muslim League-N.

In its judgment, the Supreme Court had held that a person excluded under Articles 62 and 63 cannot be a leader of an ideological group. The veteran lawmaker, however, returned home in October last year after a four-year self-imposed exile in London.

On January 8, 2024, the Supreme Court rejected life bans for those with criminal convictions from challenging the race, preparing for Nawaz’s ascension to power.

Talking to columnists, a former PMLN insider said: “We will defeat our incompetence [in Nawaz’s power]”.

He further said that PML-N will hold Nawaz accountable, whether it is for “obstruction or compromise”.

Answering a question, Sanaullah said that he has made the position of ‘leader’, but the functional position of the party is that of the president.

Following his statement, the fat cats of the PML-N chose Nawaz Sharif as their “leader” for life in 2018.

Giving an insight into the current gathering, he said that PML-N leader President is making recommendations regarding what is happening.

“There is talk of Nawaz Sharif taking over the administration of the party again,” he added.

He further said that the supremo of PML-N is trying to get the nation out of financial emergency.

While appreciating the Punjab government’s offer on behalf of the Muslim League (N), he said that Maryam Nawaz is also making an honest effort to destroy the majority in the same way.

He further said that the party administration informed about its completion on the offer of Prime Minister Shehbaz and Punjab Chief Minister Maryam.

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