Neom building biggest water park in middle East?

Saudi Arabia is building the biggest water park in middle East and it isn’t in Neom.

Qiddiya’s Aquarabia Water Park will be the principal in Saudi Arabia and the biggest in the Center East, as per Reality Saudi Arabia.

It will traverse a gigantic 250,000 square meters and its area is on the edges of Riyadh.

The recreation area is set to be home to 22 rides and attractions, and five will be, in evident Saudi style and will likewise be record-breakers.

biggest water park in middle East

Aquarabia Water Park will be the main water park on the planet to offer a blend of dry and wet rides.

Additionally, creature darlings will be enchanted by the creature encounters across Bedouin Pinnacle, Camel Rock and Crowding Grounds.

Four record-breaking fascination by the names of Junoon Drop, the world’s tallest water liner; Quick Jamezales, the tallest drop body slide; Slithereel, the longest water slide, and Jamal Joom, the longest mat racer will be essential for Aquarabia Water Park in Saudi Arabia’s Qiddiya City.

First submerged experience ride highlighting completely submarine vehicles will likewise be available in this water leave.

Encounters across sports and health, nature and climate, parks and attractions, movement and portability, and expressions and culture. Will be presented by Saudi Arabia’s Aquarabia Water Park.

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