Nepra ‘ends relief programme’ for electricity bill payments

Subsequent to revising the Purchaser Administration Manual, 2021, the Public Electric Power Administrative Power (Nepra) has nearly canceled a significant help measure for power buyers to take care of their power bills in different portions.

The buyers have lost one more alleviation choice to cover their power bills in different portions following the new guidelines supported by Nepra.

The power administrative power adjusted the arrangement of guidelines making space for power clients to clear their duty easily.

The warning expressed that the portion of force bills would just be permitted one time each year, though, the markup wouldn’t be forced on the installment of the principal portion inside the due date.

The shoppers should pay a 14% markup on different portions, though, the solicitation for an expansion in the due date will be made before the due date, it further expressed.

The power circulation organizations (Discos) have been coordinated to produce modernized bills after permitting portions and expansions on the due date.

in August last year, the break government thought on a proposition to permit power buyers to put in their time in portions as an action to give help to the expansion player public.

The guardian government had contemplated over the proposition to permit purchasers with bills of up to 400 units to cover off their power bills in portions crossing more than a half year.

Moreover, the harder strategies for the power area and taking off power rates were likewise a consequence of the Global Money related Asset’s (IMF) severe circumstances for dispensing credits to Pakistan.

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