Petrol may get cheaper by Rs5.27/litre, diesel by Rs4.13/litre from June 1

The public authority is supposed to decrease the petrol cost by Rs5.27 per liter and diesel by Rs4.13 per liter from June 1, 2024 for the following fortnight.

The costs are being scaled down keeping in view a further decrease in the Brent cost to $81.4 from $83 per barrel regardless of a cut underway by OPEC individuals. Be that as it may, a few nations have not diminished the raw petroleum creation.

This moment, there is an overabundance of oil based goods in the global market, which is the reason the Brent cost is on the decay. To such an extent, the superior on Brent and raw petroleum per barrel has additionally diminished as the effect of Israel-Palestine struggle on the worldwide oil market is presently finished.

Official and modern sources said the chipping away at POL costs completed till Wednesday for next fortnight with two days left in the long stretch of May shows that petroleum might tumble by Rs5.27 per liter to Rs267.83 from the current cost of Rs273.10 per liter and diesel by Rs4.13 per liter to Rs269.95 from the ongoing Rs274.08 per liter. Lamp oil cost is supposed to plunge by Rs2.15 per liter to Rs171.33 from Rs173.48 per liter and similarly, light diesel oil (LDO) is likewise liable to go somewhere around Rs5.08 per liter to Rs156.09 from the ongoing Rs161.17 per liter. This would be a third help straight as far as decrease in POL costs from May 1, 2024.

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