World’s 300 years old reserve of gold, silver coins found in Poland

A 300 years old reserve of gold and silver coins that recently had a place with a famous cheat has been found by metal detectorists in a Clean mountain range.

Coins that might have had a place with a quack who escaped toward the south-focal Clean mountains in the wake of swindling individuals of their cash have been found by metal detectorists, as per Live Science.

A deciphered Facebook post from the Common Office for the Security of Landmarks in Kielce on May 8 cases that Antoni Jaczewski, a “recluse, traveler and bogus benefit,” conned individuals in Kielce, a city near the Jeleniowskie mountain range, all through the late seventeenth and mid eighteenth hundreds of years.

Jaczewski would “persuade individuals regarding his mending power,” which he had gotten “from the mother of God, who lived with him in the wild,” as per Clean legends. He would then captivate them to his mountain place to stay.

Individuals were probably convinced to venture out to visit Jaczewski on account of the twin whammy of the conflict and the ailment that was clearing the country at the time in Poland. Individuals offered him gold and silver coins as a trade off for his recuperating procedures.

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